• 2014 Show Reel

    Al Clark / Trackday Films 2014 Showreel – Automotive Director / Editor / DOP from Al Clark on Vimeo.

  • 2014 Mercedes A-Class

    Click the link to view the films! These films were shot as part of Mercedes Benz UK’s new video product channel. Two films were made in the end using a combination of location and previously shot B-Roll shoots covering the design and functionality of the car. Roles: Directed and Edited. Client: Rubber Republic and Mercedes …

  • Jaguar F Type CoupĂ©

    The Jaguar F Type R Filmed on location in Portugal, the stunning new Jaguar F Type Coupe had to be brutal, beautiful and loud. Shot through FP Creative for Jaguar Cars. Roles: Location Director & Camera, Film Editor

  • Outsiders: Japan – A Feature Documentary

    Outsiders: Japan is a feature length documentary released on BluRay and DVD in January 2012 Directed, filmed and Edited by Al Clark. It was received to critical acclaim, and is widely regarded as the best documentary on the elusive subject on the cult Japanese pastime of Drifting. Receiving a score of 8.2 on IMDB Outsiders …