• Range Rover Sport SVR Launch Film

    Filmed on RED, and using a Cineflex system and Russian Arm, this was a film that utilised all 10 years of my Nurburgring experience. Fantastic shoot which I directed, and operated the Russian arm.  

  • 2014 Show Reel

    Al Clark / Trackday Films 2014 Showreel – Automotive Director / Editor / DOP from Al Clark on Vimeo.

  • 2014 Mercedes A-Class

    Click the link to view the films! These films were shot as part of Mercedes Benz UK’s new video product channel. Two films were made in the end using a combination of location and previously shot B-Roll shoots covering the design and functionality of the car. Roles: Directed and Edited. Client: Rubber Republic and Mercedes …

  • Jaguar F Type CoupĂ©

    The Jaguar F Type R Filmed on location in Portugal, the stunning new Jaguar F Type Coupe had to be brutal, beautiful and loud. Shot through FP Creative for Jaguar Cars. Roles: Location Director & Camera, Film Editor