Alistair Clark – Automotive Film Maker

Al ClarkAbout me.

Mobile: +44 (0) 7967 114 064

Hi, Al here. First and foremost, I my passion is filming cars and stories. I have built my skill set around a sense of adventure, a vibrant imagination and a strong attention to detail. Whilst automotive filming is the backbone of my work this has become a launch pad into the wider world of film where I have created lifestyle, viral and documentary productions with some incredible people in extraordinary places. I have experienced all the production roles whilst working on global projects for some of the worlds most recognised brands.

I’m also one of those car bores who loves driving them too much, with a GT3, M3 Evo, E63 AMG van and an old Alfa Romeo 75 race car all currently in the collection I’ve got plenty of things to fix and tinker with at the weekends.

My skill set includes but is not limited to:

  • Helicopter DoP – (Handheld and Cineflex / Shotover platforms). Hanging out of the side door soaring above race tracks in the Californian desert, around the city of Detroit, and in the snowy -40′ Celsius downdrafts of the Bay of Bothnia in Finland, or in relative comfort directing the Cineflex shots around the Nurburgring or beaches in Wales.
  • Camera operating including Alexa, Sony, RED and Canon.
  • Russian Arm DoP and flight head operator including Scorpio and Nettmann systems.
  • 4K Stabilised car tracking camera systems (my own design).
  • Editing and Sound Design – I actually studied sound design at university. Finally something came in handy.
  • Very good knowledge of the car industry in both OEM, Motorsport and lifestyle scene.
  • I have a huge base in industry contacts, fixers, and all that is needed to build a strong team for productions.
  • I have filmed and driven at many of the worlds race tracks – including over 1250 driven laps at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.
  • I have an in-date and current ARDS racing license, National B.
  • I own a wide range of wholly owned equipment including a Canon C300 MK2 & MK1, lenses, grip and rigging gear, included in my day rate.
  • Fully licensed and insured drone filming in 4K RAW or H264HQ, and photography.
  • Please feel free to view some of my recent work – Filmography