Outsiders: Japan – A Feature Documentary

Outsiders: Japan is a feature length documentary released on BluRay and DVD in January 2012 Directed, filmed and Edited by Al Clark. It was received to critical acclaim, and is widely regarded as the best documentary on the elusive subject on the cult Japanese pastime of Drifting.

Receiving a score of 8.2 on IMDB Outsiders was released online in November 2013 after 2 years of successful sales.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, here’s a small sample from Facebook & YouTube.

Great video guys! maximum respect for depicting/outlining the clear differences in culture and passion (drifting or not) that the Japs display. Not a hint of arrogance, always humble and pursue to perfect everything they do to the best of their ability. Maybe we can all take note that its not always a c0ck comparing competition (figuratively speaking).
Left me absolutely speechless mindset has changed on drifting truly inspiring amazing documentary!!!! Thanks guys
Very inspirational guys, thx for the film!
I was really into racing and other motor sports, when I saw this it changed my whole view on what I want to do with my car, its mental
Best documentary ever on drifting and japan would love to do all those things
Eye-opening, absolutely inspiring movie. Also, extremely curious on the music that was in the movie. I would love to know where to find it. Can’t wait to buy it on DVD!
I’m so glad I bought this on BluRay. This is one of the best documentaries out there!